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BRAND AUDIT — HK JEBN (Supplement Document)


According to the brand audit, HK JEBN has a unique brand image transmitting to the customers, such as logo, package, advertising, outdoor billboard. However, in the shopping experience and social media, there have the following suggestions:

• Integration HK JEBN Brand Belief into the Shopping Experience

The investigator found that the customers could not recall sufficiently the brand key message “Better Dining” and “Rainbow Diet” because of fewer touching points to see, hear and think about it. They could only understand the message description through the shop wall, the tag on the product shelves, website and Facebook “about us” page (Figure 1).

Figure 1. HK JEBN Brand Message.

In connecting the brand idea and awareness to customers, HK JEBN could design the “Rainbow Products Self Combination” zone in the store (Figure 2). Shoppers can experience and learn the “Rainbow Diet” concept by choosing the combination of the products. The marketing team could promote the “Rainbow Combination” campaign in online and offline channels like Social Media, Newspaper Advertising, and Shop Lightbox Posters. The purpose is to create additional value in the shopping experience to drive cognition and perception and lead customers to know HK JEBN has been working for their brand belief.

Figure2. Rainbow Products Self Combination

On the other hand, HK JEBN could re-arrange the product’s location and plan the shopping path (Figure 3) to increase the shopping time in the store. At the same time, the customers can enjoy the “Rainbow Combination” discount and gain the “Rainbow Award” for each combination. It is motivating the purchase and enhancing the shopping experience. Furthermore, the marketing team can utilize the combination to introduce the new products. Conducing the market and customer test of the products. HK JEBN has various product categories that is one of the advantages to differentiate them from those of competition. It is necessary to strengthen this brand association for customers to recall the brand.

Figure 3. Color Zone and Shopping Path planning

• Building “Better Dining” community

According to the Customer-Based-Brand Pyramid of HK JEBN, the investigator found that the Resonance is building on the customer repeat purchase and the Facebook

followers. To firm this section of brand equity, the marketing team could create a Social Page to communicate with their brand adherents by sharing their “Better Dining” lifestyle ideas and changing the relationship between HK JEBN and customers from followers to the partners of promoting the brand belief.

The marketing team collects excellent ideas from “Better Dining” partners and asks relevant experts to advise. Afterwards, share them on the social page to be a part of HK JEBN brand knowledge. To encourage the sharing, HK JEBN will award the “Rainbow Reward” to the active partners and encourage them to promote the common belief in daily life (Figure 4). The objective of the suggestion is to build emotion, engaging and intimate trust with brand advocates.

Figure 4. The communication model of “Better Dining” Sharing Community

Critical Reflection

In planning this improvement suggestion, I try to apply the knowledge learned from the previous lesson. It is a challenge to connect different theories and convert them to my knowledge for application. Despite this, I believe this exercise will become a valuable experience for my coming learning and lead me to understand my deficiencies for improvement. Particularly about the understanding and knowledge in the scope of design and brand management at the postgraduate level.

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