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Brand Introduction

In 1998, HK JEBN Limited established their first upper floor shop specialized in Bird’s Nest products in Hong Kong. In providing high-quality products at a lower price to customers, they determined to select the upper floor for their retail stores and became their future business strategy. Afterwards, HK JEBN formed self-service marts to sell a large variety of worldwide food products and opened the T-Mall online shopping platform to expand into the Chinese Market.

In 2002, HK JEBN became the Number One brand of sales volume of Bird’s Nest in Hong Kong. They had been awarded as Hong Kong Top Brand by Hong Kong Brand Development Council in 2007. Moreover, the Number One sales volume of dried bird’s nests, Chinese cordyceps and dried seafood in the Hong Kong market in 2012.

Brand Essence

  • VALUE: “Customers and Quality”always come first.

  • BELIEF: “Better Dining” and “Rainbow Diet”.

  • PROMISE: Provide high qualityproducts and excellentsales service.

Brand Pyramid

  • Features & Attributes: HK JEBN provides high-quality food products and excellent sales service to their customers with 25 shops in Hong Kong.

  • Functional Benefits: Their shops locate on the upper floor to reduce the product cost. They offer a diversified range of products and have a laboratory for food safety testing.

  • Emotional Benefits: Customers have excellent shopping experience with their knowledgeable staffs and reliable after-sales service such as “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Scheme”.

  • Brand/Product Persona: HK JEBN is a high qualification, shrewdness, variousness, healthiness.Also, she likes to promote the Rainbow Diet idea to the public.

  • Brand Idea: HK JEBN believes “Customers and Quality always come first” and “Better Dining” philosophy.

Brand Inventory

About the brand identity

Behind the purple inverted triangle of the HK JEBN logo implies the Food Pyramid concept that correlates with “Better Dining”. Furthermore, the rainbow boxes bar and rainbow food visual mean the “Rainbow Diet Concept”. These elements represent HK JEBN’s brand essence, how they can help the Customers achieving Quality Living.

Brand Exploratory

Customer-Based-Brand Equity Pyramid

  • Salience: High Awareness — HK JEBN is a famous food retail brand with 25 shops in Hong Kong. Their Facebook Fan Page has over 200,000 followers

  • Imagery: Family and Smart Consumer Image — Offer different sales promotions to attract homemakers preparing high quality andvarious cooking materials for their families.

  • Performance: Reliable high quality and Inexpensive Products — The upper floor business model reduces the product costing and professional buyers purchase the products from direct import or origin.

  • Feelings: Appreciative and Cheerful — Feelings of comfortable shopping and satisfactory service.

  • Judgements: High Quality and Various — Providing eight product categories from worldwide with high quality and food safety testing.

  • Resonance: Behavioural Loyalty — Joining the VIP membership and includes regular repeat purchases. Following the Facebook Fan Page to receive the news.

HK JEBN customer-based equity pyramid forms an equilateral triangle. It is vital from bottom to top, depending on many Facebook followers and 25 shops in Hong Kong to support its high brand awareness. HK JEBN marketing such as weekly newspaper advertising, Facebook posts promotion and outdoor billboards provides stable and continuous brand associations.

However, HK JEBN competitors are willing to spend more budget for the mass media like TV media and invite celebrity endorsers to grow their brand awareness. This situation causes HK JEBN needs to spend more resources to compete for customer attention.

Competitive Brands Analysis


The brand audit of HK JEBN reveals that the complete brand elements have been supporting their brand to identify and distinguish from their main competitors in Hong Kong Market. However, there are the suggestions of improvement:

  • Because of the rapid development of E-Commerce, most of the competitors have provided Online shopping platforms with a convenient shopping experience for Hong Kong customers. However, HK JEBN still does not set up its Online shop, and it leads that new potential customers who habits online shopping choose to their competitive brands. Also, it projects a conservative and old-fashioned brand image to customers.

  • As explained earlier, Online shops can decrease the operating cost, weakening HK JEBN price advantage coming from the upper floor shops. Owing to its brand communication is focusing on the Sales promotion, to develop the Value Innovation for making the competition irrelevant is important. HK JEBN can promote its brand belief “Better Dining”, “Rainbow Diet” concept to the customers to lead them to understand its brand idea and to increase the intangible brand image to distinguish in its product category.

  • HK JEBN can cooperate with nutritionists, Chinese medicine practitioners and healthy eating key opinion leaders and brand adherents to share the Rainbow Diet Concepts such as Rainbow Cooking Recipes, Healthy Diet Tips, and nutrition advice workshop. The purpose is to build the interaction and relationship with the customer by the Brand Belief motivation instead of price-driven force. Maximum development HKJEBN Brand Value.

Critical Reflection

In discovering the source of HK JEBN brand equity, brand inventory and brand exploratory research are required in the brand audit process.However, it is difficult to conduct a comprehensive brand exploratory research such as internal interview personnel and finding the company archives to understand better the source of brand equity and any possible barriers.

On the other hand, HK JEBN claims to provide excellent sales service to every customer. Nevertheless, there have many negative reviews about its inappropriate service and false product news on the internet. Being objective and rational to analyze the reviews is particularly significant in the brand audit. Besides, standing on both positive and negative sides to review the research data is a valuable experience from this project.

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