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Kam Yuen Group Brand App Design


Kam Yuen Group


Triangle Marketing Services Co., Ltd




Branding, UX & UI Design



Kam Yuen Group is a luxury watch manufacturer that specializes in precision technology. Founded in 1963, it has offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Switzerland. To celebrate its 50th anniversary and showcase its latest technology, we worked with Kam Yuen's brand and marketing team to develop the company's new vision, which is centred around R&D's 4P strategy: People, Punctuality, Price, and Precision.

Our project goal was to effectively communicate Kam Yuen's vision to their business-to-business clients in an innovative way. After conducting research with the brand and marketing team, we discovered that face-to-face presentations at business events were crucial for the sales team to reach potential clients. To enhance the presentation experience and help the sales team, we created the Kam Yuen brand app.

The brand app is a professional, luxury-style app that presents Kam Yuen's new vision and mission. It takes clients through the company's 50-year history while simultaneously showcasing their future R&D technologies. The app features interactive corporate videos that demonstrate the company's world-class manufacturing abilities, innovative technology solutions, and key team leaders. These user experiences allow clients to deeply understand Kam Yuen's R&D 4P strategy, increasing the company's persuasiveness with potential clients.

We believe that this brand app will be a valuable tool for the sales team to win new business in the industry, and we are proud to have created it.

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